Yin Yang

Associate Professor
School of Computing
Clemson University
Office: 315 McAdams Hall
Email: yin5@clemson.edu

I am an Associate Professor with School of Computing, Clemson University. Before joining Clemson, I was a faculty member with Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of New Mexico. I am still a research faculty with UNM ECE and CS. I received my Ph.D. degree at the University of Texas at Dallas (with David Daniel fellowship). I am a recipient of the NSF CRII award (2015) and CAREER award (2019). My research aims to develop efficient and customized computing methods for challenging problems in Graphics , Animation, Machine Learning , Vision, Visualization, Simulation, HCI, Robotics, Medicine, and many other applied areas.

My name reads like Yin & Yang in Mandarin if you put my first name first, which is a famous concept in traditional Chinese philosophy and also one of my main inspirations in my research and life.

Our lab has multiple RA openings for smart and hardworking Ph.D. students. Drop me an email if you are interested in joining my group.

Recent Publications

Lijuan Liu, Yin Yang, Yi Yuan, Tianjia Shao, He Wang, and Kun Zhou, "In-game Residential Home Planning via Visual Context-aware Global Relation Learning", AAAI 2021.
[PDF] [Supplementary] [Code] Machine Learning Vision

Hang Zhao, Qijin She, Chenyang Zhu, Yin Yang, and Kai Xu, "Online 3D Bin Packing with Constrained Deep Reinforcement Learning", AAAI 2021.
[PDF] [Supplementary] [Video] Robotics Machine Learning


Siyuan Shen, Tianjia Shao, Kun Zhou, Chenfanfu Jiang, Feng Luo, and Yin Yang, "Second-order Neural Network Training Using Complex-step Directional Derivative", arXiv preprint, arXiv:2009.07098.
[PDF] [Video] [Code] Machine Learning

Longhua Wu, Botao Wu, Yin Yang, and Huamin Wang, "A Safe and Fast Repulsion Method for GPU-based Cloth Self Collisions", ACM Transactions on Graphics, 2020.
[PDF] [Video] Simulation Graphics Animation

Lifeng Zhu, Rubin Ren, Dapeng Chen, Aiguo Song, Jia Liu, Ning Ye, and Yin Yang, "Feel the inside: A Haptic Interface for Navigating Stress Distribution Inside Objects", The Visual Computer (CGI 2020).
[PDF] [Vodeo] Graphics HCI

Lei Lan, Ran Luo, Marco Fratarcangeli, Weiwei Xu, Huamin Wang, Xiaohu Guo, Junfeng Yao, and Yin Yang, "Medial Elastics: Efficient and Collision-ready Deformation via Medial Axis Transform", ACM Transactions on Graphics, (presented in SIGGRAPH 2020).
[PDF] [Video] [Code] Simulation Animation Graphics

Ran Luo, Weiwei Xu, Tianjia Shao, Hongyi Xu, Yin Yang, "Accelerated Complex Step Finite Difference for Expedient Deformable Simulation", ACM Transactions on Graphics, (SIGGRAPH Asia 2019).
[PDF] [Video] [Code] Simulation Animation Graphics

Xudong Feng, Jiafeng Liu, Huamin Wang, Yin Yang, Hujun Bao, Bernd Bickel, Weiwei Xu, "Computational Design of Skinned Quad Robots", IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2019.
[PDF] [Video] Simulation Robotics Graphics

Hao Yu, Xiaofeng Chen, Zhenning Li, Guohui Zhang, Pan Liu, Jinfu Yang, Yin Yang "Taxi-based Mobility Demand Formulation and Prediction Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Network-Driven Learning Approaches", IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2019. 
[IEEE Xplore] Machine Learning Visualization

Ran Luo, Tianjia Shao, Huamin Wang, Weiwei Xu, Kun Zhou and Yin Yang, "NNWarp: Neural Network-based Nonlinear Deformation", IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2019.
[PDF] [Video] [Code]
Machine Learning Simulation Animation Graphics

Tianjia Shao, Yin Yang, Yanlin Weng, Qiming Hou, Kun Zhou, "H-CNN: Spatial Hashing Based CNN for 3D Shape Analysis", IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2019.
[PDF] [Code] Machine Learning Graphics

Marco Fratarcangeli, Huamin Wang, Yin Yang, "Parallel Iterative Solvers for Real-time Elastic Deformations", SIGGRAH Asia course, 2018.
[PDF] [Video] [Code] [ACM link] Simulation Graphics

Minmin Lin, Tianjia Shao, Youyi Zheng, Zhong Ren, Yanlin Weng, Yin Yang, "Automatic Single-Image Mechanism Modeling using Deep Neural Network", Computer Graphics Forum (PG 2018).
[PDF] [Video] [Code] Machine Learning Graphics Vision

Jiamin Xu, Weiwei Xu, Yin Yang, Zhigang Deng, Hujun Bao, "Online Global Non-rigid Registration for 3D Object Reconstruction Using Consumer-level Depth Cameras", Computer Graphics Forum (PG 2018).
[PDF] [Video] [Code]
Graphics Vision

Yuming Zhang, Cong Chen, Qiong Wu, Qi Lu, Su Zhang, Guohui Zhang, and Yin Yang, "A Kinect-Based Approach for 3D Pavement Surface Reconstruction and Cracking Recognition", IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2018.
[PDF] [Video] [Code]
Vision Visualization

Weiwei Xu, Haifeng Yang, Yin Yang, Yiduo Wang, and Kun Zhou, "Stress-aware Large Scale Shape Editing using Domain-decomposed Multigrid Solver", Computer-Aided Geometric Design (GMP 2018).
[PDF] [Video] [Link]
Simulation Graphics

Ran Luo, Weiwei Xu, Huamin Wang,Kun Zhou and Yin Yang, "Physics-based Quadratic Deformation Using Elastic Weighting", IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2018.
[PDF][Video][Code][link] Simulation Animation Graphics

Yuming Zhang, Guohui Zhang, Rafael Fierro and Yin Yang, "Force-Driven Traffic Simulation for Future CAV-Enabled Smart Transportation System", IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2018.
[PDF][Video][Code][link] Visualization Simulation

Yuming Zhang, Steven Garcia, Weiwe Xu, Tianjia Shao and Yin Yang, "Efficient Voxelization Using Projected Optimal Scanline", Graphical Models, 2017.
[PDF] [Video]

Ran Luo, Qiang Fang, Jianguo Wei, Weiwei Xu and Yin Yang, "Acoustic VR of Human Tongue: Real-time Speech-driven Visual Tongue System", in Proceeding of IEEE VR, 2017.
[PDF][Video][Code] Medicine Visualization Simulation

Wang Lin, Kunjin He, Zhengming Chen and Yin Yang, "A Design Method for Orthopedic Plates Based on Surface Features", in Journal of Mechanical Design 139, no. 2 (2017): 024502.
[PDF][Video][Code][link] Medicine Simulation

Huamin Wang and Yin Yang, "Descent Methods for Elastic Body Simulation on the GPU", ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Asia 2016).
[PDF] [Video] [Code] Simulation Animation Graphics

Mingliang Xu, Mingyuan Li, Weiwei Xu, Zhigang Deng, Yin Yang and Kun Zhou, "Interactive Mechanism Modeling from Multi-view Images", ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Asia 2016).
[PDF] [Video] [Code]
Graphics Vision

Zhao Haiming, Weiwei Xu, Kun Zhou, Yin Yang, Xiaogang Jin and Hongzhi Wu "Stress‐Constrained Thickness Optimization for Shell Object Fabrication", In Computer Graphics Forum, 2017.
[PDF] [Video] [Code]
Graphics Simulation

Yuliang Rong, Tianjia Shao, Youyi Zheng, Yin Yang and Kun Zhou, "An Interactive Approach for Functional Prototype Recovery from a Single RGBD Image", in Computational Visual Media 2-8, pp 87-96, 2016 (CVM annual best paper of 2016).
[PDF][Video][Code][link]Graphics Vision

Yin Yang, Dingzeyu Li, Weiwei Xu, Yuan Tian and Changxi Zheng, "Expediting Precomputation for Reduced Deformable Simulation", in ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Asia 2015).
[PDF][Video][Code][link]Simulation Graphics Animation

Yuan Tian, Yin Yang, Xiaohu Guo, Balakrishnan Prabhakaran, "Adaptive Hierarchical Shape Matching", in proceeding of PG 2015 (short paper).
"Stable Haptic Interaction Based on Adaptive Hierarchical Shape Matching" in Computational Visual Media 1-3, pp 243-265, 2015.
[PDF][Video][Code][link] Graphics Animation HCI

Steven Garcia, Patrick  Kelley, Yin Yang, "Fast Image Segmentation on Mobile Phone Using Multi-level Graph Cut", in Proceeding of GI, pp 81-88, 2015.
[PDF][Video][Code][link] HCI Graphics

Yue Xie, Weiwei Xu, Yin Yang, Xiaohu Guo, Kun Zhou, "Agile Structure Analysis for Fabrication-Aware Shape Editing", in Computer Aided Geometric Design (GMP 15), Vol. 35-36, pp. 163-179, 2015.
[PDF][Video][Code][link]Simulation Graphics

Ran Luo, Lifeng Zhu, Weiwei Xu, Patrick  Kelley, Vanessa Svihla, Yin Yang, "Interactive Design and Simulation of Tubular Supporting Structure", in Graphical Models, Vol 80, pp16-30, 2015.
[PDF][Video][Code][link]Simulation Graphics

Deformation streaming
Ziying Tang, Yin Yang, Xiaohu Guo, Balakrishnan Prabhakaran, "Distributed Haptic Interactions with Physically-Based 3D Deformable Models over Lossy Networks", in IEEE Transactions on Haptics, Vol. 6, No. 4, pp. 417-428, 2013. HCI Graphics
HCI Graphics

Yin Yang, Weiwei Xu, Xiaohu Guo, Kun Zhou, Baining Guo, "Boundary-Aware Multi-Domain Subspace Deformation," in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 19, No. 10, pp. 1633-1645, 2013.
[PDF][Video][Code][link] Simulation Animation Graphics

Yin Yang, Xiaohu Guo, Jennell Vick, Luis Torres, Thomas Campbell, "Physics-Based Deformable Tongue Visualization," in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 19, No. 5, pp. 811-823, 2013.
Medicine Visualization

Yin Yang, Zichun Zhong, Xiaohu Guo, Jing Wang, John Anderson, Timothy Solberg, Weihua Mao, "A Novel Markerless Technique to Evaluate Daily Lung Tumor Motion Based on Conventional Cone-Beam CT Projection Data," in International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics, Vol. 82, No. 5, pp. e749-e756, 2012. 
[PDF][Video][Code][link] Medicine

A full list of my papers can be found here  




ECE 537 Foundations of Computing, Fall 2015
ECE/CS 412, ECE595 Introduction to Computer Graphics, Fall 2015
ECE 495/595 ST: Advanced Computer Graphics and Animation, Spring 2015
ECE/CS 412 Introduction to Computer Graphics, Fall 2014
ECE 495/595 ST: Advanced Computer Graphics and Animation, Spring 2014
ECE/CS 412 Intorduction to Computer Graphics, Fall 2013



Steven Garcia, Ph.D. @CS since 2013 (co-advisor, priciple advisor: Dr. Kelley @UNM CS)
Ran Luo, Ph.D. @ECE since 2014
Qiong Wu, Ph.D. @CE since 2014 (co-advisor, priciple advisor: Dr. Zhang @ UNM CE)
Yuming Zhang, Ph.D. @ECE since 2015
Joel Castellanos, Ph.D. @ECE since 2015
Kele Xu, visiting Ph.D. (July - Oct, 2014) from UPMC, France

Alejandro Hernandez, MS@ECE 2014, now Software Engineer @ Intel
Sikai Xie, MS@ECE 2015, now Software Engineer @ Canfield Scientific, Inc